Shanna Janette Riley Atwood (born February 21, 1983) is the biological mother of Noah Atwood and the ex-wife of Roman Atwood.


Early Life

Shanna Janette Riley was born in Utah on February 21, 1983. She married Roman Atwood on November 17, 2001 in Licking County, Ohio when they were both 18.

Later Life

On October 18, 2004, Shanna gave birth to Noah Vaughn Atwood. In 2007, after Roman was done filming something, one of his producers got drunk and pooped in his driveway. One year later in 2008, Shanna cheated on Roman with the same guy. 


Immediately after finding out, Roman divorced from her. While waiting for the divorce to be final, Roman met Brittney Smith in November 2008 at a wedding where Brittney's sister, Veronica, and Roman's best friend, Chase were getting married. Less than 1 year after the divorce was finalized, Brittney gave birth to a boy named Kane Alexander Atwood on October 23, 2011. 


Noah has to spend weekdays at his mom's and weekend's at his dad's. In 2015, Shanna went to court and asked for Noah to not be in Roman's 's vlogs, because Noah made Roman money. It worked, then a few months later, Noah was finally allowed in the vlogs again. 

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