Eliza with her dad, Chase Gilroy

Eliza Gilroy (born January 29,2015) is an American who's dad,Chase Gilroy , has over 380,000 subscribers on his youtube channel, GilroyVlogs . Her uncle, Roman Atwood has almost 13,000,000 subscribers on his channels, RomanAtwood and RomanAtwoodVlogs .

Early Life

Eliza Gilroy was born on January 29,2015 to Veronica Janelle Gilroy and Chase Lee Gilroy in Ohio. She has two older brothers Colin Gilroy and Carsen Gilroy . She has two older cousins, Noah Vaughn Atwood and Kane Alexander Atwood . She was born in Chase's vlog,zkoudOV9lug , is when Eliza was born. Her aunt, Brittney Smith is Veronica's sister.