Curtis Dale Atwood III (born May 7,1985) is an American youtuber. His Youtube channel, Dale Atwood has over 1,100,000 subscribers. He is the younger brother of youtuber vlogger, comedian , and prankster, Roman Atwood . 

Early Life

Curtis Dale Atwood III was born on May 7,1985 in Ohio to Curtis Dale Atwood II and Susan Atwood . He is the younger brother of youtuber Roman Atwood .

Personal Life

Dale is married to Jessica Atwood, whom has 2 children, Curtis Dale Atwood IV and Conrad Drake Atwood. He has 2 nephews, Kane Alexander Atwood and Noah Vaughn Atwood .


Born: May 7, 1985

Age: 31

Height: 6'0" (1.83 m)